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Baby Tips & Tricks All New Moms Need To Know

Exhausted doesn’t even describe the newborn days. Waking up delirious from sleep deprivation multiple times a night. Struggling with the initial discomfort of breastfeeding, all while recovering from childbirth. Life with a newborn also made me doubt myself and question every decision I made. I wondered what in the world I got myself into as I wished for easier days (and reminisced about my old life). I wasn’t sure whether I was even fit to be a mom. Baby tips and tricks But as with all things parenthood, I learned on the job. I discovered little hacks that made the days easier and more manageable. I researched baby tips and grew more confident and better equipped to handle a new...

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Tips On Baby's Sleep

Dear Mothers,   Do you often have trouble putting your baby to sleep? We all do right.. We’ll I’ve curated a couple of tips I’ve learned that can ease your pain and make it easier to successfully accomplish the ultimate goal of putting your little one to sleep peacefully.   Try playing white noise sounds such as a fan or you can even search “white noise sounds’ on youtube and what you do is turn it on as part of your baby’s bedtime routine to create a gentle hum that masks all other sounds because the slightest noise made like flicking on a lamp can wake your baby up. So as you make the white noise apart of his/her sleeping...

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