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Tips On Baby's Sleep

Dear Mothers,


Do you often have trouble putting your baby to sleep? We all do right.. We’ll I’ve curated a couple of tips I’ve learned that can ease your pain and make it easier to successfully accomplish the ultimate goal of putting your little one to sleep peacefully.


  1. Try playing white noise sounds such as a fan or you can even search “white noise sounds’ on youtube and what you do is turn it on as part of your baby’s bedtime routine to create a gentle hum that masks all other sounds because the slightest noise made like flicking on a lamp can wake your baby up. So as you make the white noise apart of his/her sleeping routine this will cue him/her to go to sleep. Here is a suggestion which you can use à


  1. If your baby is going through a developmental growth spurt e.g. like learning to crawl, he/she will be to excited about practicing and fine tuning the new skill. However, you need to be adamant that night time is not the time for playing. If your baby wakes up and is wanting to cruise, soothe her for a few moments and then leave and if he/she is chatting and cooing, ignore him/her hoping that he/she will entertain him/herself until he/she falls back asleep. But if he/she is crying you need to pay attention as they may be experiencing separation anxiety. So what I wanted you to take from this is to try avoiding soothing your baby for too long.


Below is the P.M. expected sleep schedule for every baby’s first year:


1 week old: They should sleep 8 hrs, babies can sleep 16-18 hrs a day, half of this is at night

6 weeks: 8 1/2 hrs. It should by then be consistent routine

3 months: 9 hrs

6 months: 10 hrs. This is the best time to sleep-train your baby

9 months: 11 hrs. If your baby needs to be re-taught how to go to sleep, you can do that.

12 months: 12 hrs. If your little one still isn’t getting the appropriate sleep, ask your paediatrician for advice